The Future of Type 2 Diabetes Care Is Here…

Our patients tell us the same painful and frustrating story every day.  It’s probably your story too…

After a basic test, you were told that you had type 2 diabetes.  Then you were rushed out of the office with prescriptions and a pamphlet and expected to manage this life-threatening disease pretty much on your own.

Fact: A prescription cocktail is not a recipe for good health.

Fact: A pamphlet cannot tell you how to reverse your type 2 diabetes.

Here’s the truth…The conventional model of diabetes care isn’t working.  It’s designed to manage your symptoms with higher and higher doses of medication until your major organs fail and your body shuts down.

Reversing Your Type 2 Diabetes Together…

At Living Health our Functional Medicine Doctors, take a totally different approach to your diabetes care that you can measure in three ways.

First, we shift the focus of your diabetes care from symptoms to causes.  We are dedicated to identifying the underlying causes of your type 2 diabetes so that we can address the problems at the source and reverse the disease.

Second, instead of just treating one issue in isolation like blood sugar, we examine your entire physical system.  Once we understand what’s really going on, we care for you in the same way that your body really functions: as an integrated whole.

Third, you always receive personalized solutions for your diabetes reversal.   Every body and every case is unique.  We design a customized program to bring your body into proper balance and resolve the root cause.

Dr. Michael Dansinger, M.D. states, “I suspect that 75-80% of people with type 2 diabetes can potentially reverse their disease to the point of full remission.”

Your symptoms disappear.   More energy, weight loss and a better quality of life!

The need for medication gets reduced or eliminated.

You step onto the path to true wellness and enjoy your life.

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