The Comprehensive Diabetes Reversal Care Program Designed Just for You

At Living Health, Dr. Stephanie Chaney and the functional medicine team deliver great care to people just like you because it is our focus and our passion.  We’re dedicated to outstanding patient care.  It drives everything we do.

Our entire team understands that you are not the disease that’s currently stealing your wellbeing.

That’s why we divide your care into three phases.

Phase 1: Analytic Care
Your type 2 diabetes diagnosis is the beginning, not the end of your health story.  We use the latest and most comprehensive laboratory testing available to dig deeper and uncover the factors that others may have missed.  Your nutritional profile, food sensitivities, metabolic and hormonal functions will all be assessed to complete the picture of your health.

Phase 2: Reversal Care
Once we understand what’s causing your type 2 diabetes, our expert staff creates a simple, customized plan to address the cause of your diabetes.  As your body’s balance gets restored and your symptoms are alleviated, we take a natural approach that builds your energy and leaves you feeling satisfied and more alive.  We will continue periodic testing to measure the results of the care program.  You’ll also visit your prescribing physicians to have your medications adjusted.

Phase 3: Wellness Care
Once your body has healed itself, it is important to maintain your wellbeing.  Diabetes is a chronic disease and requires a long-term approach to your healthcare.
The Living Health team continues to monitor your progress to ensure you are feeling your best.

Don’t wait another minute to get the meaningful solutions that can change your health for the better.  Call 410-216-9180 for a consultation today.

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