Effective Natural Diabetes Treatment for Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. Type 2 Diabetics

Many people are getting frustrated with the conventional approach to type 2 diabetes treatment. They are looking for other methods besides the one pill after another approach. There are natural effective solutions to reverse type 2 diabetes. But before we discuss this topic, let’s talk about some of the diabetes basics.
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What exactly is Diabetes?
Diabetes is in the news much more lately. Our society has observed a rise in diabetes and the estimates for the future look even worse. It has been estimated that you will find at least 24 million folks inside the U.S. suffering from type 2 diabetes. Based on UnitedHealth, it is estimated that half of your population will likely be pre-diabetic or diabetic by the year 2020. That is definitely why it is so vital to understand what diabetes is and the best way to prevent it and reverse it.
You know that knowledge is power and learning about diabetes could make a distinction in prevention, management, reversing and living a life free of complications from this deadly disease.

There are actually two types of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. The big distinction is type 1 diabetes can’t be prevented whereas type 2 diabetes can typically be prevented.

Type 1 Diabetes is frequently known as juvenile diabetes. It normally shows up in childhood and adolescence, while it has been known to affect adults.

This type of diabetes is an auto-immune disease. This means that the immune system attacks normal healthy cells. In this case, what is under attack would be the cells of the pancreas. Because the pancreas creates insulin, the body will either make no insulin or not enough to be adequate for the body’s demands.

Let’s take a small step back and clarify the function of insulin within the body. When the body’s metabolism is responding normally, it uses sugar to fuel the body’s demands. That sugar is derived from the foods we eat, mostly carbohydrates. Throughout digestion, carbohydrates are broken down into their simplest type, sugars, namely glucose.
Glucose is stored in the body as fat if it is not needed by the body for energy. Some glucose is allowed to pass into the bloodstream where it can be readily available for use. In response to the quantity of sugar in the blood, the pancreas secretes insulin. Insulin is like the taxi that transports sugar (passengers) to the cells of the body where it is burned as fuel to help keep you moving. Without insulin, sugar can’t pass through the cell wall.

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So, now that we are up to speed, we can return to our discussion. With type 1 diabetes, the pancreas is unable to respond to the levels of sugar in the blood stream, as a result the level becomes high. Over a time period, this can lead to organ and tissue damage.

Type 2 Diabetes is known as adult onset diabetes. The greatest incidence is in men and women over the age of 60. Even so, with our society’s sedentary lifestyle, that average age is quickly changing and we now see type 2 diabetics in the teenage years.

There are several elements and causes responsible for the development of type 2 diabetes. Within the body, either the cells become resistant to insulin or the pancreas doesn’t create sufficient insulin to meet the demands. The exact same reactions happen in type 2 as type 1: blood sugar is not regulated and serious complications may be the result. These complications can include heart attack, stroke, kidney dysfunction, neuropathy, amputation and also blindness.

In order to prevent these complications you must take the appropriated action. Most patients follow conventional treatment recommendations. These recommendations include changing diet, exercise and taking medications. Unfortunately we see that diabetes and diabetes prescription medications continue to increase. So the effectiveness of this method has to be questioned.

The question that is not being asked by most doctors is, “Why is this patient diabetic?”. We know if they are a diabetic that they have high blood sugar. But until the proper tests are performed and a comprehensive diagnosis is given, we don’t know why they are a diabetic. That is the key to naturally reversing the condition, a comprehensive diagnosis and then a customized treatment plan. The cookie cutter one pill after another approach is not designed to reverse the disease.
Now that you know the straightforward facts about diabetes, it’s time to access your risks and take action. There are many options for diabetes treatment for Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. type 2 diabetics. Should you have any concerns, seek the advice and of your doctor or healthcare professional.

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