Myth or Fact: Can Type 2 Diabetes Really Be Reversed Through Natural Treatment?

I know what you’re thinking. Once you have Type 2 Diabetes, you always have it.  Well, I’m here to tell you point blank that’s not true. In my practice, I help people with Type 2 Diabetes completely reverse the disease.  That’s right, I said it — Reverse.  In fact, it’s all I do day in and day out.

By reverse, I mean that a patient’s Hba1c (Hba1c is an important blood test doctors use to determine how well your diabetes is being controlled) has been reduced to a normal functional range (below 6), sugars are in a normal range, and their medical doctor has likely taken them off their diabetes medication.   Also, the patient is not just taken off of their sugar lowering medications, but very often they are also taken off of their cholesterol, blood pressure and many other medications.

Now you’re probably wondering how that is even possible.   Why didn’t your doctor tell you type 2 diabetes could be reversed?  Why is your condition getting worse, even though you are following your doctor’s orders and taking your medication every day?  Here’s the thing – the medications work to get sugar out of the blood stream.  The medications do not address, fix or eliminate what is actually causing you to have Type 2 Diabetes.  If you don’t treat the WHY — then you don’t reverse the disease — Period. Besides, your doctor has probably never seen any patient in his or her office actually reverse their diabetes and be able to come off their diabetes medication.  Medication alone – because of how it works — will never reverse your disease.

In my office, I have helped hundreds of people reverse their Type 2 Diabetes through natural treatment. I do very specialized testing to help discover the causes (there are often more than one) of their diabetes.  Once we discover why each patient has the disease, then we can get down to the business of creating an individualized program that incorporates eating the right foods for them (no one diet fits all), a program of natural supplements designed to specifically target and handle the imbalances that lead to the diabetes and other natural protocols chosen for each patient’s needs.  Believe it or not, most of my patients, although they are overweight, are nearly starving to death!  Many don’t eat enough (1-2 meals a day) and are not eating the right foods for what their body needs.  Patients on our program are amazed at how much food I have them eating and yet they are able to lose weight.  Some have lost as much as 60-80 lbs!  I like to call our approach the “anti-diet’”.

I work very closely with my patients to make necessary adjustments to the foods, supplements and lifestyle activities I am recommending in order to get their bodies working better.  Just yesterday, I had three folks “graduate” from my program with their Hba1c completely restored to normal range and off all diabetes medications.  It’s an amazing feeling to watch people literally change before your eyes over the course of a few months!

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