What should you do if you have Type II Diabetes?

What should you do if you have Type IIDiabetes? How can you actually work to reverse your disease and possibly come off your medication?  How do you get your energy back since diabetes has robbed you of your spark and motivation? Do you even remember what if felt like to want to do things? To have the drive and energy to get out of bed in the morning and want to go to work, clean the house, get outside and garden? Just because you may not have that now, doesn’t mean you can’t get it back…

There can be any number of reasons WHY you have diabetes and for your blood sugar to be high. You must understand first and foremost that diabetes is an inflammatory condition – meaning you likely have inflammation in your system for some reason, and as a result, your sugar keeps chronically remaining high or getting higher.

You might have a G.I. tract infection or inflammation, so get yourself checked with a  stool sample to determine if you have food sensitivities (particularly to gluten, eggs, soy or dairy), or parasites (you would be surprised at what I see my diabetic patients test positive for!).  If you have any of these issues, they MUST be handled in order for you to get the sugars under control.

You might have underlying hormone imbalances – particularly with regards the function of your adrenal glands or thyroid gland.  A reliable test for hormones at the tissue level is a saliva test. Once you’ve determined what your possible imbalances are, then you need to get them restored (naturally) in order to bring your sugars down.

Check your diet. If you have diabetes and you are still partaking in eating LOTS of sugary, carb-filled foods – quit kidding yourself, now! You will not only never get rid of your diabetes with this bad habit – BUT even if you are on medication to keep your sugars down, continuing to eat this stuff will make your condition worsen until you have to inject insulin, or until diabetes claims your life in a devastating manner (heart attack, stroke, limb-loss, kidney failure, etc.).

Eat more fats – but eat the good fats. Olive, flax and fish oils are very important for proper hormone, brain, and cell membrane function. These systems being healthy is the only way you can ensure normal blood sugar regulation.

Are you anemic? Find out if you have any issues with anemia. If you do, there is no point in doing anything else until this is properly taken care of. BUT, just because you are anemic, doesn’t mean you need iron – if your doctor put you on iron supplements, but you didn’t feel better immediately – STOP taking iron. You may have anemia, just not iron-deficiency anemia, and too much iron in the body is very toxic.

The most important thing you can do is find a doctor who specializes in Functional Medicine and who does a very thorough work-up on you, including extensive blood work to assess your blood sugar markers, cholesterol levels, thyroid function, and vitamin D levels. Also, your doctor should do saliva hormone testing, stool testing, as well as food diary and other health assessment questionnaires. These are all essential in being able to determine how you can effectively eliminate your diabetes.

That is, of course, if you are finally ready to be free from diabetes once and for all!

Dr. Stephanie Chaney, D.C.



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